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The California Community College System offers an Open Admission Policy

A message from the campus:

Welcome to the MiraCosta College Online Application site.  Thank you for choosing MiraCosta College as a destination for your higher education.

Please be aware that regulations require that an online application may only be submitted by the student.  At the point of submission you will be affirming that the application data belongs only to you.  Submitting an application for another person is not allowed.

YOUR STUDENT ID WILL NOT BE MAILED.  Once your application is processed by the college (see below for approximate dates for processing) YOU MUST RETRIEVE YOUR OWN ID THROUGH OUR SURF SYSTEM OR IN PERSON.


   Processing of applications typically takes 3-5 working days.  Applications may now be submitted for the following terms:



Summer 2014: The Summer 2014 intersession will offer 8 week classes which run June 2, 2014 through July 24, 2014 AND 6 week classes which run June 16, 2014 through July 24, 2014.  Registration dates for enrolling in classes are based on a priority system. Information on priority dates will be available on the college website on April 11, 2014.


Fall 2014: The Fall semester begins August 18, 2014 and ends December 13, 2014.  Registration dates for enrolling in classes are based on a priority system.  Information on priority dates will be available on the college website on April 11, 2014. 


Once we process your application, you will need to retrieve your SURF ID and Password by going to the surf.miracosta.edu website.  You will be asked a series of questions which will allow you to obtain your ID and set up a password.  If you do not submit your social security number, we will assign and mail a substitute number that you will need in order to obtain your SURF ID online. You may also obtain your SURF ID number in person at the A&R Office where picture Identification will be required. 

  NOTE to HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS. Concurrently enrolled high school students may not enroll in classes ahead of regularly admitted students.  The earliest enrollment will be two weeks prior to the start of the term. Class availability will be limited due to many classes being full at the time of your enrollment date. 

 Some applicants may need to provide additional materials to complete the application process.  Examples of these types of applicants include high school students and recent California residents.  These applicants will be contacted by mail or email to provide any additional paperwork.  If you have questions, contact Admissions & Records at 760-795-6620 or 760-634-7870.

Thank you for using our online application.



Last updated: 3/20/2014 9:14:00 AM PST

  Required information should be sent to the appropriate college below:

MiraCosta College
Admissions & Records Office
Building 3300, Sta. 10A
One Barnard Drive
Oceanside, CA 92056-3899
or MiraCosta College San Elijo Campus
Administration Building
Admissions & Records Office, Sta. 17B
3333 Manchester Avenue
Cardiff, CA 92007
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