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The California Community College System offers an Open Admission Policy

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Application for Admission


Welcome to Santa Rosa Junior College Online Application for Admission


If you have already submitted your application to SRJC, you can access your

Student Portal, MyCubby @

In your student portal, you can register for classes, check your registration priority, view your grades, receive important messages from your instructors, and complete many other important tasks pertaining to your student records.


Important Note: Please only complete one application per academic year.

For example: If you submit an application for the Spring semester, you do not have to submit an additional application for the Summer or Fall semesters.

Do not risk creating multiple student records for yourself by filling out a new application when it is not required!


All Applicants/Students


·        Please make sure the information that you provide is accurate and error-free

·        Keep a record of your application confirmation number in case you have problems logging into the SRJC Student Portal, MyCubby

·        Returning Students: We will attempt to match your records on your Social Security Number, date of birth and name that you have on file.  There may be a delay in the processing of your application if:


1.       You do not provide the correct SSN

2.       You entered an incorrect birth date

3.        If your name has changed


·        Enter your email address on the application. If you do not have your own email account, CCCApply will create an email for you.  Please make note of the email account information for future use.  We are making every effort to communicate with students by sending correspondence through email.  We advise you to check your email often, as the information we send may be time sensitive and important to your college career.

·        After you have completed your application we will send you an email with your unique SRJC Student Identification Number (SID.) Please keep a record of your SID number as you would any other important identification number. Your SID number provides access to all of your interactions at SRJC.

·        Your email address is imperative to receive information for your next steps for enrollment as well as any other messages that may be important to your status as a student at Santa Rosa Junior College.


New or Returning Students


If you have not attended SRJC within the last two semesters, please proceed directly to the application form at the bottom of this page.


Continuing Student


You are NOT required to complete an application if you were enrolled in classes within the past year.  You may proceed directly to registration by going to


High School Concurrent Enrollment Student Requirements




·        Complete an application to the College on this web site, each and every semester of attendance.

·        Complete a Concurrent Enrollment Program Request Form, available online @ and Fax to (707) 527-4798.

·        This form MUST include the specific classes recommended by your high school counselor.

·        Signatures are required from:

(Falsification of any signature will result in disciplinary action.)


1.      You the student

2.      Your parents

3.      Your high school counselor

4.      Your high school principal must sign the form.


·        You may register for the authorized classes starting the first day of “Open Registration.”



Thank you for applying to Santa Rosa Junior College. We look forward to helping you achieve your educational, occupational and/or personal goals!


You may call the Admissions & Records Office @ (707) 527-4685 if you have any questions. Se habla Español.


Last updated: 4/1/2010 1:03:00 PM PST

  Required information should be sent to:

Santa Rosa Junior College
1501 Mendocino Avenue
Santa Rosa, CA  95401-4395
Fax: (707) 527-4798
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