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Important Instructions

  • Are you an International Student seeking admission to Grossmont College as a full-time student? Read the Application Procedures then SCROLL to the bottom of the page and click on "Begin International Application for Grossmont College."

  • Are you an International Student (F1 visa) currently attending another U.S. institution and seeking admission to Grossmont College as a part-time student? Click here to submit an application.

  • Are you a U.S. citizen or permanent resident of U.S.? Click here to submit an application.


Application Procedures

  • Application Deadlines:
    • Fall Semester (August-December) June 1
    • Spring Semester (January-June)
      • October 15 for Out of the USA Applicants.
      • November 1 for students transferring from USA institutions.
      Online application and all documents must be received by the deadline.
  • Transcripts:
    • Submit your secondary school diploma and/or your post-secondary college/university transcripts.
  • English Proficiency
    • TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language):  A score of 450 (paper-based) or 45 (Internet-based) or higher.  Official score report sent directly from ETS required.  Grossmont College code is 4334.
    • IELTS: minimum score is 4.5
  • Financial Statement:
    • This bank letter (original document) verifies access to at least U.S. $25,000 indicating your ability to pay for one year’s estimated tuition and living expenses.
  • Sponsor Form:
    • This form indicates that the person who signs the form is willing and financially able to support you as an International Student for the duration of your studies at Grossmont College.
  • Passport:  A copy of your photo ID and expiration date page(s).

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Application Instructions

  • Complete this online application. After you are finished, click the SUBMIT button located on the left column of the application and follow the directions.
  • NO FEE will be charged for this application.
  Required information should be sent to:

Grossmont College
International Admissions
8800 Grossmont College Dr
El Cajon, CA  92020
In-state telephone: (619) 644-7182
Fax: (619) 644-7933
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