For College Staff

Technical Assistance

CCCApply provides several means of assistance to college staff. Please choose from the following short-list to meet your needs... and don't forget that there is documentation to help below, too!

STUDENTS — Xap Technical Support will assist your students in logging in and using the CCCApply applications. Student technical support:
(310) 842-9117 or
Email: Contact CCCApply Technical Support
COLLEGE STAFF — Xap Client Services representatives will help colleges with all day-to-day questions, problems or training needs in using CCCApply applications and services. (South region)
(North region)
(310) 842-9800
COLLEGE STAFF — Xap's Program Manager will provide information about subscribing to and implementing CCCApply applications.
CCCApply Client Success Leader
(310) 842-9800
COLLEGE STAFF — The CCCApply Steering Committee takes requests for changes and enhancements (please discuss any problems first with your Xap Client Services rep). College staff, email:
(Students: Do not send questions to this email address. Use the CCCApply Technical Support Contact Form.)

Documents and Guides

In addition to the brochure, data dictionaries, and quickstart implementation guides below, there is also extensive online documentation for all CCCApply applications. If you cannot find what you need in the list below, please contact a Xap representative (above) for help.

CCCApply Brochure (for all applications)

Data Dictionaries:
Standard/Spanish Application
BOG Fee Waiver 2011-12
BOG Fee Waiver 2010-11
International Student Application

Quickstart Guides:
BOG Fee Waiver
Spanish Application

Workshops and Presentations

Each year the CCCApply project holds user workshops to showcase enhancements and provide opportunities for hands-on demonstrations and training, question-and-answer sessions, and sharing suggestions and best practices among the colleges.

Fifth Annual User Workshops, April 2008
Announcements, surveys, registration, presentations

Previous User Workshops
including links to presentations

Presentations on CCCApply applications and enhancements are often made to stakeholder organizations like CACCRAO, CISOA, TTAC and others. These are available in the archives of the CCCApply project website.

Steering Committee

CCCApply development is governed by a Steering Committee responsible for all design and performance decisions. The committee includes representatives from 10 colleges, as well as project support staff from the CCC Chancellor's Office and Xap representatives. The colleges are selected to comprise a balanced range of interests, including college size, location, campuses, types of student information systems, and experience with CCCApply. The Steering Committee is facilitated by a project director and assisted by appointed subcommittees and task groups in areas of special expertise like Spanish, Financial Aid, and International admissions. More information about the committee structures and membership may be found at the CCCApply project website.

The CCCApply Steering Committee takes requests for changes and enhancements (please discuss a problem first with your Xap Client Services rep). Email:
Arleen Elseroad, Committee Chair
Irvine Valley College
The CCCApply Project Director will answer any questions about project management and plans.
CCCApply Project Director
(530) 879-4091